Our Weekly Playlist

Listen to our weekly playlist, with all the songs from our cardio classes, workshops and more.

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  • Tu Te Sharaab
    Jordan Sandhu - Tu Te Sharab
  • Let's Nach
    Aman Hayer, Lehmber Hussainpuri - Let's Nach
  • Ne Baliyeh
    Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kam Bhamra, Jeeti - The Best Of
  • Saperra (Gang Jatt Di)
    Raf Saperra - Ruff Around The Edges
  • After Party
    DJ LYAN, Kanika Kapoor, Arjun, Mumzy Stranger, Nish - After Party
  • Pauni Pauni
    Money Aujla - Pauni Pauni
  • Blue Label - The DJ Sanj Remaster
    DJ Sanj, Jay Status - We Don't Stop
  • Desi Jatt
    Miss Pooja, Harjit Heera - The Golden Stage
  • Raah Ni Labhney
    Specialist, Tru-Skool, Labh Janjua - Word Is Born
  • Faaltu
    Bups Saggu, Zora Randhawa - Faaltu
  • Yaar Behli
    Red Valve, Harry Pannu - Yaar Behli
  • Miss Kaur
    Bups Saggu, Master Saleem - Miss Kaur
  • Chak Dhen Geh
    Gurbhej Brar, Tru-Skool - Chak Dhen Geh
  • Soneh Lengeh Waliyeh
    Karan Mc, Lil' Sach - Death Jamm 2004

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