Our weekly playlist

Listen to our weekly playlist, with all the songs from our cardio classes, workshops and more.

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  • Khyaal
    Rash Frantic, Kirrat Sharma - Khyaal
  • Drama Queen Reloaded
    Bups Saggu, Daljit Mattu - Drama Queen Reloaded
  • Jaan Panjabi 2.0
    PBN - Jaan Panjabi 2.0
  • Na Na
    Mickey Singh, Jonita Gandhi - Na Na
  • Taaye Warga
    Deepak Dhillon, Jatinder Dhiman - Taaye Warga
  • Lara Sohneya
    Vibhuti Joshi, Roop Ghuman - Lara Sohneya
  • Boli
    Karan Aujla - B.T.F.U
  • She On It
    Ezu, Karan Aujla - En Route
  • After Party
    DJ LYAN, Kanika Kapoor, Arjun, Mumzy Stranger, Nish - After Party
  • Doabey Waley
    Bhalwaan, Signature By Sb - Doabey Waley
  • Kaali Bentley
    Miss Pooja - Kaali Bentley
  • Vibe
    Diljit Dosanjh - MoonChild Era
  • Tombi
    Panjabi MC - 56 Districts

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